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Many parents struggle with getting their infants, babies or toddlers to sleep well and sleep through the night.  At 3am when their child wakes up (and usually not for the first time), parents will do anything to get their child back to they can sleep too!  Parents will cradle, rock, bounce and feed in hopes that their baby will drift off again.  However, these children are learning poor sleep habits and will become reliant on their parents and other props to fall asleep again.  But, this is what they have learned!  They do not know any better -- unless we teach them the right way to sleep.

Using Dana Obleman's Sleep Sense Program, I give parents the tools they need to teach their children not only to sleep by themselves, but to stay asleep throughout the night.  I empower parents and coach them through their child's sleep training, and teach them how to instill good sleep habits to their kids that will last a lifetime.


ABOUT Melissa

Melissa Doman is a certified Sleep Sense Consultant and has ten years of experience working with parents and their young children from around the world.

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I offer a variety of different service for parents-to-be, and parents of infants, babies and toddlers.  Learn more about which services might be most helpful for you and your child.

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