Doman International

In addition to my work as a sleep consultant, I am also a certified Child Brain Developmentalist for Doman International.  

I direct the department of physical growth and development, and teach parents of well children and special needs kids how to help their children become fit and physically superb. I often work with children diagnosed with cerebral palsy, spasticity, quadriplegia, and a variety of other diagnoses. 

Based on the methods of Glenn Doman, the staff and I at DI have worked nose to nose with parents around the world in order to help their brain-injured children at home.  The methods pioneered by Glenn and the staff are taught to parents so that they may do the therapies at home more intensely in order to achieve better results.  The ultimate goal is to rehabilitate these children so that they are completely well and can live normal lives, despite their disability.

To learn more about my work with Doman International, please visit our website