Melissa Doman is a certified SleepSense Consultant, a program designed by sleep expert Dana Obleman.

 Photo Credit: Caitlin Gladstone

Photo Credit: Caitlin Gladstone

my Mission

I have worked for ten years with families of both special needs and well children around the world through the Institutes for the Achievement of Human Potential, using the methods created by Glenn Doman.  Over the years, I have been able to teach parents about early child development, and how they can raise children who are intelligent, fit, healthy and happy.

Speaking to parents from around the world, I quickly found that it was common for children to have difficulties sleeping. Often, these children and their families are sleep deprived, and this lack of good quality sleep is poor for the child's happiness and development, and causes unnecessary strain on the family. Your family might be in this situation right now.

I started looking for solutions for these parents, which led me to Dana Obleman's Sleep Sense Program. I found that as I coached parents to use this program, their children (who had sometimes slept poorly for years), started sleeping well and through the night. I had found the answer to their problems.

This led me to become certified as a Sleep Sense Consultant. I now coach families to carry out a step-by-step program that is clear, successful and a gentle approach to getting a child to sleep. I am fortunate enough to have seen kids learn to sleep better and through the night, and the wonderful effects this good sleep has on families. I want your child, and you, to sleep. You both deserve it. Let me help you get there.

The bottom line is that learning to sleep well is a wonderful skill.
It is a gift your child will be able to use for the rest of his or her life —
and it might even help prevent your child from developing sleep problems
in the future. And what was once one of your biggest parenting struggles
will have become one of your most satisfying and consistent rewards. And
at the very least, it’ll help you sleep better as well. Sweet dreams!
— Dana Obleman, The Sleep Sense Program