Melissa's sleep consulting services

Melissa offers a variety of services for parents and those expecting.  If you have questions about which package might be right for you, please don't hesitate to contact me via email at or schedule a 15 minute call via booking links below


Prenatal/newborn consultation

This consultation is for new parents or expecting parents, and want to start off on the right foot, by instilling good sleep habits from day one with their new baby. This plan addresses the best sleep and feed schedule for your baby, and what to expect down the line.

COST: $225


  • One hour consultation with Melissa

  • A sleep plan for 0-3 months of age

  • 2 weeks of email support once the baby arrives

  • 3 follow up calls during the first month of life

  • “What to Expect” document


Private consultation         (4 months and older)

This package is designed to help parents get their little one(s) sleeping well and through the night, as well as troubleshoot potential sleep problems down the line. Getting your little one to sleep independently doesn’t have to be a struggle!

COST: $375


  • Your child's custom sleep plan

  • 60'-90' session with Melissa to teach plan (in-home or via Skype/Facetime)

  • 2 weeks email support

  • Minimum 4 follow-up calls

  • "What to Expect" document, outlining sleep changes in future


overnight support (options: Put baby to sleep/half night)

For parents who want to have one-on-one support through the first night of sleep training.  Melissa will be there with you coaching you through the bedtime routine and night-time wake ups.  Only for families in the Philadelphia area.

COST: $550/$750


  • Put baby to sleep (5:30pm-9:00pm)

  • Half-night (5:30pm-12am)

  • 60'-90' session with Melissa to teach plan (in-home)

  • 2 weeks email support

  • Minimum 4 follow-up calls

  • "What to Expect" document