Looking for help to get your child sleeping better now?

Welcome to Melissa Doman Sleep Consulting, the world’s first sleep coaches for special needs families like yours!  Our team of coaches are here to help end the bedtime struggles, long wake ups, and get your child thriving on a great night’s sleep.

Below, you will find our 5 Tips for Better Sleep based on your child’s diagnosis. We’ve purposely picked these recommendations based on years of experience working with children like yours.  We hope that with these few changes your child is getting to sleep faster, easier, and without fuss.

If you are ready to get to get help and support now…

We know that there isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to sleep, and your child needs a plan that reflects all their unique abilities. And, if you’ve tried all. the. things. or even worked with another coach before, this is the time to work with a coach who fully understands your child and the special needs journey.

To talk to a coach, simply choose a time and date below and we’ll get you started on that plan for a great night’s rest.