Sleep Help for Children with Autism

Having a child with autism that isn’t sleeping can present unprecedented challenges for a family.

Your child just can’t sleep through the night. 

Maybe they are taking too long at night to fall asleep, or wake up too early. 

Maybe they wake up in the middle of the night and stay up for hours. 

You can see the exhaustion on their face, but it’s as if there’s a block and they can’t settle. 

Whatever the sleep struggle, it’s affecting your entire family.

Autistic children who have sleep problems have more difficulty succeeding in school and therapy. It becomes harder for them to regulate, which affects behaviors and hyperactivity.

If this isn’t bad enough, when your child doesn’t sleep…you don’t sleep. When you’re exhausted, you can’t be the parent and spouse you want to be.

The frustration, exhaustion, and lack of energy that comes from sleepless nights stops you from being at your best.

Your child doesn’t deserve this, and neither do you.

Hi, I’m Melissa Doman, founder of Melissa Doman Sleep Consulting. 

I have worked with children like yours for nearly 15 years. As a child brain developmentalist, I saw firsthand how my own patients suffered because of sleep problems, and their parents were at their wit’s end.

I wanted to help them, but didn’t have the slightest idea where to start. Finally, on my search for answers I learned about the Sleep Sense Program, created by a sleep expert Dana Obleman.  It was then I decided to learn all about sleep.

I couldn’t watch more amazing families suffer needlessly.

I’v had the privilege to help hundreds of families around the world finally get a good night’s rest within a matter of weeks. And now, I have 4 other coaches personally trained by me who are ready and eager to help your family. 

No matter how severe, your autistic child has all the potential to have a great night’s rest.

As sleep coaches for kids with autism, our goal is to help families achieve their sleep goals. 

Whether it’s working on sleeping through the night, eliminating wake ups, or just to stop rocking their child on the yoga ball, you will get an exact plan to gradually and successfully meet each goal you put forth.

Sleeplessness doesn’t need to be part of the special needs parenting description.  

Whatever you’re facing, there are gentle and natural solutions. Let’s chat and see if your child can benefit from a customized sleep program. To get started, simply schedule a call below, where you’ll have the chance to talk to a special needs sleep coach. You’ll have the chance to discuss your child’s sleep situation and how we can best help.

We really look forward to answering your questions and getting your child started toward a good night’s sleep.