Cerebral Palsy Sleep COnsultant

Sleep Help for Children with Cerebral Palsy

Having a child with cerebral palsy brings with it many challenges.  Your child may have limited movement, speech and difficulty using their hands. For many kids with cerebral palsy, they also sleep poorly.  

Your child may be struggling to sleep easily, or simply just stay asleep at night.  Your child’s tight muscles may be causing soreness and pain, making it hard to get a good night’s sleep.  Or, your child may just be up – for seemingly no reason at all.

You know when your child sleep poorly, it affects their mood, their attention and their ability to develop. 

And if kids don’t sleep, parents don’t sleep! When you as a parent don’t get the sleep you need, you can’t be the spouse, partner and parent you want to be.

You are not alone in your frustrations and challenges. 

I have worked with families of children with special needs for the past decade, and as a sleep consultant, I coach parents on how to teach their children to sleep independently and through the night.

For your child with cerebral palsy, a good night’s sleep is vital

This is the body’s time to rest and allow for tight muscles to relax. It is also vital for your child’s brain growth and development. During sleep, the brain is resting, restoring, and organizing all the information learned that day. 

If your child is missing out on good quality sleep, the brain is not getting the time it needs to do this!

Unfortunately, most parents feel lost when it comes to teaching their little ones how to sleep. Working with kids with special needs, I realized that sleep challenges were common, and I saw the frustrations that came with those sleep problems. Exhausted parents, screaming children, and strained relationships. 

For this reason, I decided to become trained as a sleep consultant for children. I combined this new knowledge of sleep along with my experience of working with kids with neurodevelopmental issues.  The great news is that dozens and dozens of families, just like yours, are resting easier after following the step-by-step sleep training program designed for their kid!

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