Sleep Help for Children with ADD/ADHD

For many kids with ADD/ADHD, getting a good night’s rest can be super challenging.  You see night after night that your child has a hard time winding down and “turning off” their brain before going to sleep.  They perseverate on what happened that day, what’s coming tomorrow, and they just can’t settle.

When your child with ADD/ADHD is tired, they wear their exhaustion like a scratchy sweater.  

You see at night that your child will be up for hours, rolling around, tossing, leaving the room, and more.  No matter what requests you fulfill — snacks, books, YouTube videos — your child just. can’t. sleep.  You see during the day that your child’s anxiety is through the roof, and keeping focused on the task at hand at school or in therapy is nearly impossible.  They may be having constant meltdowns and tantrums, become hyperactive, and you’re worried about how they are going to manage like this.  

Some of the common struggles kids with ADD/ADHD face are…

  • Taking hours to fall asleep at night
  • Can’t fall asleep easily
  • Can’t fall asleep without having a parent there
  • Staying up for hours at night, and constantly disrupting the house
  • Waking up exhausted the next day

If this sounds familiar for your child, you’re in the right place….

There is a reason why your child with ADD/ADHD is not sleeping…

Having worked with kids like yours for nearly a decade, there are many components that can affect sleep at night.  Here are the main reasons why your child may not be able to rest as they should:

  • Your child’s brain is wired a bit differently.  And, that means that there are going to be certain needs that have to be met before bedtime.  Or, that will cause bumps in the road at night.  When these needs are met, the brain doesn’t have to multitask as much, and can focus on cleaning, organizing, and restoring like it should.
  • Your child may have some other health issues, like breathing problems or tummy upset.  In my experience, a lot of kids diagnosed with ADD/ADHD have more sensitive stomachs and that can cause a lot of disturbance at night.  And kids who breathe poorly at night often have issues of focus, exhaustion, difficulty in school, irritability, and more.
  • Your child has learned some not-so-great habits around sleep.  This can be a bit like the “chicken or the egg” question, but habits and routine around sleep are important to look at.  Some kids with developmental issues struggle to sleep off the bat, but parents also accommodate and will try just about everything to help their child rest easier.  That can often open the door to poor habits that linger a lot longer than they should.  

Regardless of why, all you want to see for your child is an easier night.

You want to put them to bed feeling sure that they will get the quality sleep that they need, and that you can finally get just a little time to yourself at the end of the day.  You want to be able to watch that show, or spend time with your partner knowing that you’re not going to be “on the clock” with your child at 2am.

 You’ve asked other parents and read blogs, and tried seemingly everything — sleep aids, medications, dark room, avoiding screens, and more.  But, your child spends hours up at night.  And, you feel guilty that you haven’t been able to help your child more.  You can’t rest easily knowing that you haven’t found a lasting solution to your child’s struggles. 

The great news is that your child’s sleep struggles can be resolved

I’m Melissa Doman, and I am a sleep consultant for families just like yours.  You are fed up with sleep deprivation and you’re ready to see your child finally get the sleep they need.  I help parents to get their kids resting on their own, with great quality for years to come!  

My Sleep Action Plan is designed for families who are ready to solve their child’s sleep problems once and for all, and want a plan that is unique to their awesomely unique child.  

With the Sleep Action Plan you’ll:

  • Help your child fall asleep and stay asleep, so everyone can wake up feeling great the next day.
  • Learn exactly what triggers poor sleep for your child, so that you can avoid this down the line.
  • Rest easier knowing your child can get themselves back to sleep at night.
  • Celebrate having some more time for yourself!
  • Feel confident that your child can sleep better, and that they can use these skills for years to come.

Sleep is not something that you and your child have to struggle with for years to come.  You can finally have the roadmap for great sleep for your child with ADD/ADHD.

Sleep Consultant for ADHD/ADD

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As a sleep consultant for children with ADHD and other delays and disorders, I can help you and your child get the sleep you need!