Resources for Kids with Special Needs

Global Resources

Doman International
“Our mission is to help children with special needs achieve wellness by empowering their parents. We teach parents how to create the most loving, stimulating and healthy environment so their children can reach their full potential.”

Website is available in Spanish, Italian, and Russian

AU / NZ Resources

The Conscious Pod
Gabi Giacomin, MCISc, BHSc, Dip (Nat) (Herb Med) Canberra, Australia

Wholistic approach to the treatment of Trisomy 21, ADD/ADHD, ASD

Europe Resources

London, UK

A natural way to heal: integrating eastern health concepts and advancements in lifestyle approaches to preventative health care.

US-Based Resources

Gorman Optimal Health Solutions
Dr. Michael Gorman, DC
333 North Oxford Valley Rd., Suite 402
Fairless Hills, PA 19030

Chiropractor/Applied Kinesiologist, takes a holistic approach to overall health. Has experience working with children with special needs.

Center for Autism
Philadelphia, PA

Nation’s oldest autism treatment center, tailors programs to the needs of each person and each family.

Montgomery County Down Syndrome Interest Group
Montgomery County, PA

Helps to provide support and information for families whose child has Down Syndrome, and for adults with Down Syndrome.