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elliot | 5 YEARS


Melissa’s services were excellent from start to finish. Like many other parents, we had tried no end of things to gain more sleep for our family, all with very little success. We wished we had contacted Melissa 3 years ago, when we had first heard about her. Melissa is an expert in her field, is inquisitive by nature, expert in her recommendations and diligent in finding solutions. She gets straight to the nub of the problem and helps you through the journey, all the time making you feel very supported. Melissa looks at the problem from a 360 perspective, quickly coming up with easy to manage scenarios to help you rule things either in or out. It is this approach and Melissa’s in-depth experience that provided us with an immediate and tangible improvement to our child’s sleep. 

If you need help, you should have Melissa on speed dial! That one call could be a life-changer as it was for us.

Owen | 6 months


Owen was sleeping less than 6 hours with an average number 2 to 5 night time wake-ups with mom and dad getting an average of 5 to 6 hours of sleep before seeking sleep consulting.

“Owen goes to bed between 7 to 8 typically and only wakes up once now to have his diaper changed and to get fed. Napping is going amazing! He takes a two hour 1st nap and about an hour-hour 1/2 2nd nap! He seems less cranky, is off of most of his medication, and overall seems great! Since he goes to bed earlier than before sleep consulting, his father and I are able to spend more time together, eat dinner together, and most of all…REST FINALLY! My mood feels better and I even started getting back into working out and doing things that I enjoy.  Seek out Melissa, STAT! Be consistent and you will see results! My child is sleeping! Thank you, Melissa”

Matyas | 6 years

This is such a huge achievement that I have to share it with the world! I lived for 6 years with just a hope of seeing my 6 years old child sleep through the night. Before the sleeping program, I never slept a single night without waking up every 2 hours by my child’s request of water, food or company. Of course I had to ask for help of my mom and aunts, but for them it was also a sleepless night. One of the first things I learned with the program is that it was all about habits, really bad habits, I had helped him to acquire through the years, making me, the water and the 4am snack the most important thing he needed to sleep. With determination I started this challenge… I did not break any rule and achieved every goal for every day. He adapted to the sleeping routine very easily and mastered the art of falling asleep without props. We continue working on his waking time and don’t have any doubt he will finally get that 7am start of his day. I can only thank Melissa for her support during this challenge, her coaching through the weeks was perfect and the program is superb for those parents who don’t see the light in the dark, sleepless tunnel. I am a happy mom who enjoys a good night sleep while knowing my child is sleeping too! Muchas Gracias!

isla | 5 years


Isla was only sleeping 8 hours a night and would be fully awake by 5:30am.  The whole family was exhausted!  After sleep training, Isla got at least 11 hours of sleep at night without any wake-ups.  Mom started to get over 8 hours of sleep a night herself!  

Mom says:”She is way more active during the day now.  Her endurance in physical activities has improved.  Isla even looks well rested!  We are enjoying our time together during the day homeschooling and being physically active.”  She has even made daily improvements in her “speech and energy!”  She started “asking for snacks less, going to bed very easily.  We enjoy our time before bed now and it has turned into a really nice bonding time for our family at the end of the day.  With a solid plan and consistency your child will start to sleep better.  Drop everything and do Melissa’s program — it will benefit your entire family.”


Screen Shot 2019-11-12 at 10.46.37 AM

Before implementing his customized sleep plan, Isaac only knew how to fall asleep with mom being right beside him. Sometimes, he could sleep through the night, but often he was up 10 times a night and struggling to sleep without help. This left Isaac and his momma exhausted!  In just a few weeks, Isaac learned not only how to sleep on his own but through the night. He now wakes up just briefly, and sleeps with great quality.

Isaac’s mom says: “I have found 1-2 hours of evening time for myself that I use to have to lie down with Isaac to get him to sleep. I can trust someone else to put Isaac to sleep now and practice the “routine” we developed. Isaac is sleeping better at night, too! He doesn’t cry as much during the day, he use to cry for everything and demand mom. This helped him become a little more independent during the day. Make a decision and commit to getting some help, don’t waiver in your decision or doubt the results. Stay confident and press on no matter what. Have a goal in mind and you will get there!”

penny | 3 years

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Before starting the sleep training program, Penny was waking many times a night and just not getting the hours she needed.  She relied on parents help to get to sleep, which was exhausting everyone.  After the program, Penny was sleeping 10 hours through the night, and mom was getting 8+ hours of sleep herself. 

Here’s what mom had to say about the program: “I SLEEP THROUGH THE NIGHT! She eats much better during the day now that she’s not drinking milk in her bottle all night.  I would highly recommend [to parents] they contact Melissa.  Melissa put into place structures that help focus us so that we can help our child…you really did everything we hoped you would!”

Liam | 4 years

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Liam had a lot of difficulty falling asleep, often taking hours past the time we put him to bed. He also would get up at least once a night, and wake up very early. In the mornings after a bad night, he would have issues getting ready for school or doing simple tasks without a meltdown.

Now, Liam falls asleep very soon after putting him to bed, rarely having issues falling asleep. He sleeps through the night, and even if he does wake up early, he rests in his bedroom until an appropriate hour. Liam sleeps almost 12 hours a night, and is a lot less irritable. He seems more level headed and I believe it is because he’s well rested. I like the fact that with just a few small changes to our routine, and items in Liam’s room, we saw a big change. I also like that Melissa would check in regularly to see how Liam was doing, and suggested resolutions to any issues that arose as we worked through the program.

I have referred Melissa before, and I would suggest other families to look into sleeping programs for their children. A short consultation really helped our daily lives. It’s amazing that we see how much better Liam feels with a good nights sleep, and I and my partner are feeling better getting a good night sleep as well!

ANNA | 2 years


We sleep trained our daughter since she was young, so we thought we knew all about sleep training. At one year of age, while she was able to fall sleep at 7PM, she never really slept past 6:30AM. This was a drain on both myself and my husband. Then as she grew older, she started having major sleep regression and was waking up at 6AM, then 5:30AM and 4:30AM, and she even told us she wanted to sleep with us. This lasted for a few months and no matter what we did – let her cry it out, controlled crying, reward system, etc. – nothing worked. Both my husband and I were walking zombies during the day and I was depressed, exhausted and on the verge of a break down.

So I decided to ask Melissa for help. On the first day of the Melissa’s sleep training, my husband basically rolled his eyes as I followed Melissa’s technique…. BUT IT WORKED! Three days later she became an angel again, sleeping from 7PM to 6:15AM. While Melissa told us it was possible to train our daughter to sleep past 7AM, we weren’t very hopeful but were happy with her waking up past 6AM instead of between 5:30 and 6AM. We continued to religiously follow the routine and guess what, one month later, she is sleeping 12 hours at night and doesn’t wake up until 7:10am. Sometimes she even sleeps later. Better yet, she used to be a light sleeper and would wake up to different sounds, but now she is a much deeper sleeper and is much less sensitive to sound and light.

This has been life changing for all three of us. Not only do we get our life and health back, but we see major differences in our daughter – she starts gaining weight, her complexion is much healthier, she is much calmer and happier, and most importantly, she is improving everyday now she has enough sleep. Thank you so much Melissa. My husband and I can’t be more grateful for what you have done for our family!

Elijah | 5 YEARS


BELIEVE THE HYPE. I know every child is different, and when you’re in the thick of whatever developmental challenge you’re facing it can feel so specific and so isolating no one will understand the overlapping issues here. It’s impossible for me to untie this knot, let alone someone who doesn’t know my child or our situation. But as a mother whose own life and whose child’s life was completely changed at age 5 by this woman, a child who never slept more than 4 hours at a shot and who now sleeps 10 hours every night and has the developmental progress to show for it. All I have to give is empathy and the strongest possible two words: CALL MELISSA.

Maddie | 10 months


Our baby needed to be held and rocked to sleep every single time nighttime and naps used a pacifier and would wake up when it fell out, would be fed formula during night wakings, would wake several times a night, and usually took 1-2 hours before going back to sleep. We were all suffering. We finally decided to consult with Melissa and by night 3, Maddie slept 11 hours! We never thought our baby could do this. Melissa not only guided us through sleeping, feeding, how the brain works, and even gave us some tips on physical therapy. She was patient, knowledgeable and truly cared about our baby girl. 

Maddie now goes to sleep faster and she usually wakes up with a smile on her face. We have more time to enjoy our evenings like watching tv, doing household chores, and catching up with friends and family online. We have more time to talk to each other and our relationship has improved. We are more rested and ready to see Maddie in the morning after 12 hours apart! Better mood, much willing to cooperate, more energy, more alert and she can now soothe herself to sleep. Thank you, Melissa.

Luke | 2 years


At around 6 months, his average wake time was 3 A.M. with a mere 5 to 8 hours of sleep for the parents. This left the whole family exhausted. After the program, Luke is sleeping 7+ hours a night with zero nighttime wake-ups. 

Luke’s mom says about the program: “Luke now goes to sleep without us rocking him, he doesn’t wake up for milk a minimum of 2 times a night, he is much better at putting himself to sleep, very occasionally he wakes up at 2 am or 3 am and doesn’t go back to sleep whereas before he was doing it almost every second or third night! He eats better and drinks better and is also napping better during the day. All of the above allows my husband and I to sleep better which gives all 3 of us a better quality of life! Sleep makes Luke happier, he develops faster and his eating and drinking have also improved.”

Will | 4 years


Everything is different. My son Will is sleeping through the night which makes everything better. 

If he does wake up, which is rarely, it’s incredibly easy to get him back to bed. The stress level in our home has gone down dramatically. We can actually put him to bed without the dreaded feeling of “how long do we have until he wakes up and how long will he be up?” 

His behavior is significantly better, as is his communication. His teachers noticed a difference quickly and asked us what changes we were making and to please keep doing it. He really is like a different kid. And he really likes his bedtime schedule. He recites it every night and tells us which step is next.

We were told by a different specialist that our son might just be a kid who only needs 6 hours of sleep a night. I didn’t know we were so close to a full nights sleep. Seriously it was 2 weeks for us! Working with Melissa was one of the best decisions we have ever made for our family!

Lorenzo | 4 years


This is what Lorenzo’s mom had to say: “In retrospect, we knew our son had issues surrounding the quality and quantity of sleep he was getting. We tried solutions based on our own experiences but ultimately failed because we didn’t realize that sometimes, you have to teach a kid how to sleep. Working with an expert in sleep for special needs individuals was so helpful to identify the areas that we needed to work on and teach our son so he could put himself to sleep, stay in his bed, and wake at the appropriate time. The thing I most appreciated about our sleep training program was that it was a holistic approach – mind, body, spirit. Melissa gave us practical tips on how to keep our family’s bedtime routines/rituals that are meaningful to us and our son as part of the process of sleep. I don’t think our sleep training would have been as successful without addressing each of those components.”

Jack | 18 Months

Jack was born extremely prematurely and after developing hydrocephalus at 1 month old, needed a shunt. At a young age, Jack was diagnosed with severe cerebral palsy and parents were told he was blind and deaf. Before sleep training, Jack slept less than 6 hours a night — needing to be rocked, fed, and held to go to sleep. Parents were exhausted! 

Here’s what they had to say: “Jack had made big improvements! Now, he stops waking up every 2 hours and can be in his own bed. Everything is different and now we can sleep as well. Compared to before, my husband and I were like zombies. Sometimes, Jack would cry and cry all night. Now, the whole family is in bed at 8pm. Jack still takes some time to fall asleep and wakes once or twice, but it’s a big improvement! Now he is gaining weight, he eats more, and he is a happy baby.

JAANVI | 16 months

My baby had a completely reversed sleep schedule and we were completely drained at nights trying to soothe her. Now after the sleep training program she sleeps by herself without our help and sleeps all night. I highly recommend parents have a sleep consultation to help their babies and themselves. Better sleep habits really make a difference, and all parents should consult to give their baby the best sleep routine.

Sid | 9 years old

My son Sid is 9 yrs old. His sleep was always messed up since he was baby. He couldn’t sleep more then 4-5 hrs during night. So our days were tiring, we were zombies. Hardly functional, we tried everything (no nap in the afternoon, melatonin,..Etc) but couldn’t get him sleep more then 4-5 hrs. He used to sleep very late in the night by midnight or 1am and then wake up fresh at 5am, ready to play.

We consulted Ms. Melissa for this and she suggested something which I thought was impossible! She told me to put him to bed very early, at 8pm and this is the evening for us! I was sure it was not going to work. But, I gave it a shot. To my surprise, the very first day he slept 8 hours without melatonin or any other sleep support.

Since then, we are putting him early to bed and he is sleeping for a good 7-8 hours and that’s a blessing! She told us many more tips and tools for making him sleep independently and we are doing this in steps.

He is happy and has no more frequent headaches during the day! Thanks to Ms. Melissa from the bottom of my heart!

Emerson | 5 Months

“To parents whose child has a sleep problem, I totally get it. I was there, frustrated and tired and I finally got to the point where I couldn’t take it anymore. I knew I had to teach my son to sleep as his older sister spoiled my husband and I by being a great sleeper from day one. I never like to hear my son cry, but once I finally decided to hire Melissa I was all in. There was no turning back. I knew I could do it, even though there would be trying nights and days. And for sure there were, but I kept thinking about my ultimate goal for my son and that was to get him to learn how to sleep.”

To read more about Emerson and his sleep story, please click here.

Noah | 3 years old

Noah is now sleeping 3 more hours a night and having fewer and fewer wake ups.

“Noah is able to sleep independently.  His behavior has improved significantly.  We atrribute Noah’s improvements in behavior, mental alterness, receptiveness, stamina to his more restful sleep.  Even his therapists have noticed a difference in Noah! After completing our sleep program, we are now realizing how critical restful sleep can be for a child’s development…Our only regret is that we did not request help earlier!”

Levi | 11 years old


Levi feels much more confident about being alone if he wakes up in the middle of the night, and can usually put himself back to sleep.  If he wakes me up, I can put him back to bed and go back to sleep without having to stay up with him.  His mood is much better now that he gets more sleep on must days.  Even if you think nothing will help, there is help to be found.  It took me months to find Melissa and I had given up all hope; but once I found her, she was able to help us in ways that I could not have done alone.  The coaching and prep on how to prepare Levi to make a change was invaluable.