How much sleep do new parents lose?

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An article this month in The London Economic reveals that new parents lose the equivalent of up to three months of sleep during the first year of their baby’s life (about 2 hours nightly, on average). The surprising results of the study showed that oftentimes, dads are losing just as much sleep, if not more than moms.

Researchers were amazed at exactly how much sleep new parents are losing. In addition, this sleep loss has effects on marriages.  Over 70% of parents claim that they sometimes pretend to be sleeping when their baby cries, with the hopes that their partner will get up to care for the baby.

In addition, both the majority of men and women claim their partner gets more sleep than they do (and it’s impossible that they’re both right!).  What this means is that this sleep debt easily creates discord and resentment between partners, and make them both feel they are getting the short end of the stick – the truth is, both of them are getting cheated!

Sleep training can make all these issues obsolete. In a survey among the clients of Melissa Doman Sleep Consulting, the average child gets over 3 hours more sleep nightly after sleep training. Parents, on the other hand, report they get over 2 hours more sleep nightly after sleep training.

Hypothetically, this means that sleep consulting alone could be able to solve the problems of sleep loss in the first year of life, if implemented immediately. What’s most sad is that these difficulties, in most cases, are completely avoidable.

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