Pennsylvania GDD and SPD SLEEP Consultant

Sleep Help for Children with Developmental Delays

Having a child with any kind of developmental delay – GDD, SPD, PDD-NOS – presents a totally different set of challenges for any family.  One of primary challenges that you might be facing is with your child’s sleep.

Regardless of what you have tried, your child may be taking hours to fall asleep at night, or will be ready for the day at 3am.  Maybe your child is waking constantly at night, or they will be up for hours after midnight.  

You can see just how tired your child is the next day.  And, this can be affecting their behavior, health, and more.

You can see that your child gets hyperactive, and they cannot focus on the task at hand.  Your child may be prone to bad temper tantrums, or even sensory tantrums.  You can see your child struggling just to keep things regulated.

If your child is not sleeping like they should night after night, you know that this will affect how rested you feel.  Many parents like you are exhausted, and know that their lack of sleep affects their mood, and ultimately the whole family’s dynamics.

As your child’s primary caretaker, therapist, nurse, and more – you need to get the rest you deserve.

We have the privilege to work with kids just like yours every day.  When I first started working with kids with special needs, the one common problem parents had was that they could not get their child to sleep well.  My search for answers led me to the Sleep Sense Program, created by Dana Obleman.  I saw the potential for kids with special needs, and realized that these techniques could be used.  It was then that I decided I had to get certified as a pediatric sleep consultant. 

I couldn’t watch more amazing families suffer needlessly.

As a Pennsylvania sleep consultant for kids with GDD, SPD, and PDD-NOS, my goal is to help my families get their child to sleep completely independently and with better quality through the night. I design a customized sleep program just for your child and teach you how to carry it out. 

I’m there for every step of the way. We help your child sleep better by working together as a team.

Whatever you’re facing, I’ve seen parents and kids with greater sleep struggles. Let’s chat and see if your child can benefit from a customized sleep program. To get started, sign up for a free, sleep discovery call. You can tell me about your child’s present sleep struggles and learn more about how sleep training works. You can sign up for a free discovery call here or fill out the form below. We really look forward to answering your questions and getting your child started toward a good night’s sleep.

Sleep Consultant in PA for Global Developmental Delay & Sensory Processing Disorders

If you’re ready to get your child with GDD, Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD), or PDD-NOS sleeping better contact us to book your first assessment call. As a PA sleep consultant for children with developmental delays, I can help you and your child get the sleep you need.