About Robyn

Sleep Help for Kids with Special Needs

Hello, my name is Robyn Sajeski.

I am a Certified Special Needs Sleep Consultant and Registered Nurse.

As a Special Needs Sleep Consultant, I am dedicated to improving the lives of special needs children and their families by helping them achieve quality sleep.

My professional background is in nursing, working across all aspects of patient care. My work in healthcare and my personal experiences raising an autistic child have given me a passion for providing exceptional care and a deep understanding of the challenges special needs families face.

I live in Tampa, Florida with my husband and two children. I enjoy being active in my community, through volunteering and working with local schools and community organizations and through special needs advocacy, education, and support.

Good, quality sleep is essential to our health and well-being. And sleep is especially important to our children with special needs. I would love the opportunity to work with you and your child to help your family get the sleep they need!

Robyn is located in Florida, and available to work with families in all US/Canada time zones

Interested in working with Robyn?