Unlock Your Health Interview with Dr. Murthy

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To listen to the full interview, please visit: http://www.uyhradio.com/episode-41

A couple of months ago, I was introduced to Dr. Vijay Murthy.  Currently located in England, Dr. Murthy is an aryuvedic doctor and trained in naturopathy, helping his patients get on a pathway to total wellness through holistic means.  I have had the pleasure to get to know Vijay better this past week, as he was with me at the Institutes in Italy, working side by side with the staff, and learning all about the Institutes’ work with brain-injured kids.

Dr. Murthy hosts a show in the UK called “Unlock Your Health” and I was very happy to be a guest on his show.  We talked about the importance of sleep, why melatonin doesn’t work, and some of the first steps parents can take if they are ready to get their little one sleeping independently.

If you are ready to get your little one sleeping through the night, contact us to learn more and to get started!