About Katie

Sleep Help for Kids with Special Needs

Hi, I’m Katie Loring.

I’m a behavior analyst (BCBA) and special needs consultant. For the past twelve years, I’ve worked in many different settings to learn as much as I can about helping people with autism spectrum disorders (ASD), attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and other neurodiverse challenges. 

Helping parents and families with special needs is personal to me. I grew up with a metabolic condition that was new to the world and to my parents at the time. Despite all the medical research (at that time) indicating that I would live a normal life, I still struggled with symptoms of ADHD and autistic features due to my congenital thyroid condition. My parents fought to get tutors that helped me organize my life, and after a lot of hard work and growth, I went to college and graduate school. I now am a happy and independent professional who wants to help the same way other people helped me. 

Raising me wasn’t always easy on my parents. Their dedication to raising me, combined with their openness to asking for help from others in their community, helped me get where I am today. I’ve interacted with and helped hundreds of parents teach their children important life skills that include toileting, communicating, tolerating disappointment, trying new foods, going to the doctor, playing with their siblings and peers, and much, much more. Over the course of my work, I noticed that one factor that can make or break a person’s progress towards their goals is if they (and their caregivers) are sleeping on a regular schedule. 

In 2020, I decided to start learning as much as I can to help families get a good night’s sleep. I eventually reached out to Melissa Doman for mentorship and guidance. With her coaching and with my own independent studies, I learned how to help parents of autistic, ADHD, and emotionally dysregulated children get back to sleep.

I am excited to work with your family to help get your children (and your SELVES) a good night’s sleep.

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Banner Photo by Kelli McClintock on Unsplash