No, Melatonin Doesn’t Work for Special Needs Kids

Today, I’m addressing a topic that frequently comes up for special needs families, especially with parents of autistic kids: melatonin. Unfortunately, over the counter or prescription melatonin is the most recommended sleep remedy. And, it is often a remedy that doesn’t work. Best case, it works for a while. But, the sleep issues creep back […]

PDA and Your Guide to Successful Sleep Training

Let’s face it! Trying to make changes to any child’s routine can sometimes feel like a painstaking process. Especially for our kids with autism, there can be a lot of rigidity around the not-so-great routines. Getting pushback, even when the changes are necessary, will absolutely happen! Over the last few years, the team and I […]

4 Things That Throw off Sleep During Summer

Sleep disturbances are very common in autistic children, and can significantly impact their overall well-being and daily functioning. This is especially true during the summer season. Summertime can disrupt sleep patterns, and exacerbate existing challenges. If your child has been struggling the last few weeks, there are 4 things that you want to be mindful […]

Does Autism Cause Sleep Problems?

My Child With Autism Doesn’t Sleep – Help!

Whether your child with ASD has struggled to sleep for days, weeks, months…or years, it can feel overwhelming and frustrating as to why it’s just. not. happening. As a parent, you worry how your child can function on the few hours they’re getting. You may have asked your child’s doctors and therapists about their sleep […]

Yes, Your Child Can Sleep on their Own

Day in and day out, I speak with special needs families about their child’s sleep struggles. These kids can’t fall asleep quickly, stay asleep, will be up for hours at night, wake super early in the morning, go more than 24 hours without sleep…and more. Often, parents are told that there’s nothing they can do […]

Top 3 Things I’ve Learned about Autism and Sleep

In the world of special needs, I find that there’s a huge focus on sleep and kids with autism (ASD). And, it makes sense! Depending on what journal, study, or blog article you’re reading, poor sleep affects anywhere between 40–80% of kids on the spectrum. That’s a whole lot of kids who don’t sleep well. […]