Graduate Services

Follow up support for sleep Program graduates

You’ve achieved something that at one point felt impossible. 

Your child is now sleeping great and on their own!  They’re happier, healthier, and thriving each day with the rest they’ve so desperately needed.

But, let’s face it hiccups happen!

And, when you’ve worked so hard to get your child sleeping at night going backwards isn’t an option.

Melissa Doman Sleep Consulting offers follow up support for sleep program graduates that want the guidance and support they need to keep their child’s sleep on track…no matter what!  

Monthly Retainer Services

Melissa offers retainer services for families who have already gone through the initial Sleep Action Plan.  The goal is to help get sleep back on track and can be used to discuss sibling’s sleep issues, too!

Each month of retainer services includes…

  • 1 Monthly Call for up to 60 minutes
  • 2 email check-ins with Melissa each month
  • Any additional documents, visuals, etc that are needed with sleep plan modifications 

One Month

$ 147

3 Month Retainer

$ 347

6 Month Retainer

$ 597

12 Month Retainer

$ 997

Any questions you have about follow up support, don’t hesitate to contact Melissa at