No, Melatonin Doesn’t Work for Special Needs Kids

Today, I’m addressing a topic that frequently comes up for special needs families, especially with parents of autistic kids: melatonin. Unfortunately, over the counter or prescription melatonin is the most recommended sleep remedy. And, it is often a remedy that doesn’t work. Best case, it works for a while. But, the sleep issues creep back […]

3 Reasons To Try L-Theanine for your Special Needs Child

Navigating the world of special needs parenting can feel like solving multiple puzzles all at once. Some you’ve solved before, and others drive you crazy trying to find the right piece!  One of these puzzles is sleep. Parents are constantly making sure ALL the right pieces are in place to ensure a good night’s rest. […]

Better Sleep Now: How Calcium Can Benefit Your Special Needs Child

If your child with special needs can’t sleep, you’ve likely tried LOTS of things to solve the sleep puzzle. But, have you ever considered the role calcium can play in solving the sleep equation? Here’s 4 ways adequate calcium intake can help you on your journey to better sleep for your child. It’s a melatonin […]

Foods to Avoid for Better Sleep

For many kids with special needs, a close look at the diet is important for a better nigh’s rest. The gut and brain are very closely connected. If something is in the digestive system that shouldn’t be there, it’s going to cause ripple effects (learn more here). But, diet is often not even considered when […]

Key to Healing – Sleep!

The link between improved sleep and recovery from brain injury is strong, according to research published in Neurology.  Better and more consistent sleep patterns were related to patients recovering faster. The findings show sleep is essential for the restoration of proper brain function and poor sleep could be related to slower recovery. One researcher stated, […]

8 Foods that can Help Your Child (and you) Sleep Better

The foods we eat can impact our energy levels, health, and the quality of our sleep, too.  If your child with special needs has difficulty sleeping at night, add some of these foods: Almonds: This healthy nut is a great source of magnesium, a nutrient that is important for good quality sleep. Lettuce: This healthy, […]

Reflux, Why it Hurts Sleep, and What to To

Reflux is a very uncomfortable condition, and the burning associated with it would keep anyone up at night.  Working with kids with special needs, reflux (and in extreme cases GERD) tends to come up a lot in conversation (no pun intended).  This is often an issue that begins when the child is just an infant […]