The 3 Things for Increased Brain Power!

Each day, I receive Google Alerts about all the new and exciting things that are happening in the sleep research field. This study really stuck out to me not only as a sleep specialist, but also as a child brain developmentalist. A recent study was done by Lancet Child and Adolescent Health tracking the cognitive […]

Touch Screen Devices Affect Your Child’s Sleep

For sleep health, it’s vitally important to reduce the amount of screen usage before it’s time to hit the hay.  As the day gets later, our bodies produce more melatonin in order for it to be easier to go to sleep.  With screen time before bed, melatonin production is suppressed making it a challenge to […]

5 Tips to a Smoother Bedtime for ALL Ages

When it comes to sleep training kids, there are so many recommendations out there that it can be hard to know where to start.  And, these recommendations can change based on a child’s age, health, milestones reached, etc. However, there are some basic recommendations that can help any child fall asleep easier.  These recommendations can […]