Special Needs Sleep Program
starts October 9th, 2023!

This 6 week program will give you all the tools that you need to help your child with special needs get an amazing night’s rest!  


Special Needs Sleep Program

Here's what's included:
$ 450 USD
  • Full year access to all tools you need to help your child sleep great
  • Personalized introduction from Melissa to know what to get started with
  • 6 weekly Q&A group coaching sessions to ask Melissa all the questions you have and to tailor your child's program
  • Support from an amazing group of special needs parents, just like you!

Need more One-on-One Support?

Here's what's included in the VIP Experience
$ 750 USD
  • All the features of the Special Needs Sleep Program (listed above)
  • Weely on-on-one coaching sessions with Melissa to discuss your child's plan
  • Weekly check-ins and sleep log checks so that your child is on the ideal schedule
  • 1 month access to Melissa's Graduate Q&A series after the Special Needs Sleep Program comes to a close.

Have questions? Reach out at melissa@melissadomansleepconsulting.com

You no longer have to feel completely lost when it comes to helping your child with special needs.  Your child can overcome their sleep struggles.  And, you no longer have to do it alone.