Study Shows Independent Sleepers Sleep Better

In 2016, the American Academy of Pediatrics released new sleep recommendations, stating that babies should stay in their parents room for the first year of life in order to promote a safe sleep environment and in order to prevent SIDS. However, a recent study done by INSIGHT showed that babies who were not room sharing […]

White Noise Machine for Your Child with Special Needs

For many kids with special needs who have difficult getting to sleep, sometimes parents use white noise machines to help soothe their child.  For a child who is neurotypical, this can be helpful. However, for with developmental issues, I actually don’t recommend one. Why? White noise will not solve the problem once and for all […]

Why It’s Okay to Cry

According to a new study in the journal, Pediatrics, sleep training can help children fall asleep faster, and have fewer night time wake ups. The study demonstrated that sleep training did not stress out babies.  Babies in the sleep training group actually had lower levels of cortisol.  The study also found that babies who were sleep […]

The Melatonin Mess

For overtired parents who are struggling to get their child with special needs to sleep better through the night, the idea of a pill or supplement to quickly fix the problem can sound pretty tempting. The truth is?  Long term, it does not solve poor sleep once and for all. Melatonin is a hormone that […]

Why “Breastsleeping” Isn’t a Solution

What is “breastsleeping”? “Breastsleeping” is a term use to describe the combination of breastfeeding and co-sleeping.  When a baby is born, their sleep is fragmented.  They sleep A LOT (up to 18 hours!), but their bouts of sleep are more frequent in a 24 hour cycle. And, they need to eat a lot as well. […]