ABA Therapy and Sleep

For any child with special needs, getting the treatments needed for development and health is crucial.  In order for them to have the best opportunities to thrive, parents like you are determined to get their child the services that they so desperately need. One common therapy many kids with autism receive is ABA, or Applied […]

Why You Need Consistency

Changing anyone’s habits can be a difficult thing.  Studies show that for adults, it can take up to 66 days to form a new, consistent habit. I am of the belief that the younger you are, the more easily you can adapt to something new.  I see this all the time with sleep training — […]

Sleep and Your Child with Special Needs

For many kids with special needs, sleep is especially hard to get for a variety of reasons: seizures, reflux, rigid muscles, sensory issues, and more.  The problem many of my parents face is that there are plenty of recommendations for neurotypical children, but very little information out there for children with developmental disabilities. The good […]