5 Things You Should Know About Your Infant’s Sleep

Infancy is a fascinating time!  That new baby is growing at an alarming rate both physically and neurologically.  Did you know in the first 3 years of life, a baby’s brain creates 1000 trillion brain cells and becomes 3 times larger? (babycenter.com) Within the first 5 months of life, your baby doubles in weight.  Incredible, isn’t […]

Drinking Milk After the First Year

From time to time, I have the pleasure to work with a baby with special needs and helping them sleep independently.  It’s always a real treat! One question that often comes up is about the bottle. After 1 year of age, babies no longer need a bottle, or milk/formula for that matter.  Mothers who wish […]

Pacifiers — The Slippery Slope

The pacifier, soother, dummy, binky, “ciucio” in Italian (pronounced choo-cho) and my favorite term! When parents first use the pacifier, I think many can’t help but feel just a little bit guilty.  They never wanted to have to use it, but they had to concede.  However, when their little one is screaming in the backseat, […]