Sleep and Your Child with Special Needs

For many kids with special needs, sleep is especially hard to get for a variety of reasons: seizures, reflux, rigid muscles, sensory issues, and more.  The problem many of my parents face is that there are plenty of recommendations for neurotypical children, but very little information out there for children with developmental disabilities. The good […]

5 Things that are Hurting Your Child’s Sleep that You’re Not Aware Of

It can often be hard to pin-point what is keeping a child with special needs from falling asleep, and sleeping well through the night.  For parents who are children are chronically sleep deprived, here are five “sleep enemies” that might be keeping your little one up at night:  Electronic devices Televisions, tablet devices and smart […]

Reflux, Why it Hurts Sleep, and What to To

Reflux is a very uncomfortable condition, and the burning associated with it would keep anyone up at night.  Working with kids with special needs, reflux (and in extreme cases GERD) tends to come up a lot in conversation (no pun intended).  This is often an issue that begins when the child is just an infant […]