5 Calming Bedtime Activities for Your Child with Special Needs

One of the most important steps to help your child with special needs sleep better is a consistent bedtime routine. This helps the brain and body wind down for sleep, and makes sleep predictable. For a child with special needs, having a consistent routine each nights helps them to calm down and relax after a […]

Sleep For your School-Aged Child

‘Tis the season… School has officially begun for your child. And here is my #1 tip for your child to have their best day at school: Get plenty of sleep! Study after study has been done linking a good night’s sleep to better test scores and problem solving abilities.  Why?  Sleep is a vital process […]

5 Things You Should Know About Your Infant’s Sleep

Infancy is a fascinating time!  That new baby is growing at an alarming rate both physically and neurologically.  Did you know in the first 3 years of life, a baby’s brain creates 1000 trillion brain cells and becomes 3 times larger? (babycenter.com) Within the first 5 months of life, your baby doubles in weight.  Incredible, isn’t […]

The Number #1 Routine Mistake

When parents first start to look for solutions for their baby’s sleep problems the first place they look is the internet.  The number one (usually) recommendation that comes up for just about any age group is to put your child on a consistent bedtime routine. There’s a reason that this is one of the most […]

White Noise Machine for Your Child with Special Needs

For many kids with special needs who have difficult getting to sleep, sometimes parents use white noise machines to help soothe their child.  For a child who is neurotypical, this can be helpful. However, for with developmental issues, I actually don’t recommend one. Why? White noise will not solve the problem once and for all […]