Keeping Chill: A Guide for Special Needs Parents

Well, the last few months have been a great exercise in keeping patient, hasn’t it? With all the uncertainty around school, work, therapy, etc. it’s been a test for even the most even-keeled parents. Add to that being cooped up with the kids…for months. Here’s your glass of wine, dear. You’re welcome. Now that we’ve […]

Visuals for Sleep Training

When teaching families of kids with special needs, the number one question that comes up is this: “Will my child understand what we’re trying to do?” The answer: you bet. But, you have to make it abundantly clear what is going on. In all of my programs, I teach parents the importance of visuals. This […]

Your Child’s Vision and Sleep

When it comes to improving a child’s sleep, especially for children with special needs, one thing that parents do need to look at carefully is their child’s vision. For some children, they may have blindness, limited vision, or can be incredible sensitive to light. Our brain is reliant on light and dark changes throughout the […]

The 3 Things for Increased Brain Power!

Each day, I receive Google Alerts about all the new and exciting things that are happening in the sleep research field. This study really stuck out to me not only as a sleep specialist, but also as a child brain developmentalist. A recent study was done by Lancet Child and Adolescent Health tracking the cognitive […]

3 Things Sleep Training Doesn’t Do

When parents come home from the hospital with their new baby, all of the preparing they have done gets put in place immediately.  Without any practice runs.  And, no matter what parents have read or bought I think there’s an overwhelming feeling of “I have no idea what I’m doing!”  Now, you have to keep […]

How I’ve Made the Best of My Time

I’ll admit: it’s been a crazy few months for me. Not only have I been keeping my own sleep business running, but since January I have done a boatload of work trips, managed (and still managing) a large project for Doman International, while being a staff coach for many, many families.  I also started business […]

7 Tips to Help Your Little One with Separation Anxiety

For parents, it’s easy to have an overwhelming sense of guilt very quickly about anything. And, in the world where information is at your fingertips in a matter of seconds it’s also very easy to start second guessing your instincts and feeling inadequate.  This is exactly how parents feel about their baby’s sleep before sleep […]

Preparing Your Home for Parenthood: Tips for Disabled People

I love featuring other writers here and this blog post comes from Anne at  Being a parent with a disability, she has lots of great resources on getting ready for parenthood. Every expectant parent must make sure their child will come into a home that’s safe and happy, a nurturing space where feeding, bathing, diapering, […]

Why Sleep Regressions Aren’t a Bad Thing

Nothing strikes fear in the heart of parents more than a sleep regression. No, I’m kidding, but it’s no fun to deal with for sure.  Baby wakes up more, spends longer stretches awake (read: up to several hours), and often it keeps parents up more than they really want to be.  They often happen around […]

Springing Forward – Your Survival Guide

Tis the season for longer evenings and warmer days, but this can be a tough transition initially for some kids.  That one hour can make a big difference! So, here are some quick tips to help you get your little on the new schedule as easily as possible: 1) First and foremost, keep Sunday morning […]