Why “Breastsleeping” Isn’t a Solution

What is “breastsleeping”? “Breastsleeping” is a term use to describe the combination of breastfeeding and co-sleeping.  When a baby is born, their sleep is fragmented.  They sleep A LOT (up to 18 hours!), but their bouts of sleep are more frequent in a 24 hour cycle. And, they need to eat a lot as well. […]

Knowing Sleep Signs

Babies and toddlers have many different signs that cue tiredness: eye rubbing, ear tugging, back arching, tuning out (getting that “1000 yard stare” as my sister calls it), scratching, squirming, losing balance and coordination easily, and more…not just yawning. According to Tracy Hogg, the “Baby Whisperer”, it’s best to get your baby to sleep as […]