Dos and Don’ts of Daylight Savings for Special Needs Kids

For most parents (and sleep coaches), there’s a lot of dread around the one hour difference. It’ll mean earlier mornings, more bedtime protest, interrupted sleep…for a week or so. But for the special needs parent, it might mean weeks or a few months for things to reset…only to have another time change happen. Whether it’s […]

8 Ways I Helped My Special Needs Child with Picky Eating 

As a mother of a 2.5 year old autistic child, I know the struggle and stress of having a kid who’s not eating.  Recently, we’ve worked with a SOS Certified feeding therapist to help my child with his picky eating habits. And, we’ve seen great results so far!  How does SOS Feeding Therapy help with […]

How to Manage Parental Fatigue With a Special Needs Child

Fatigue is a major issue for parents of special needs children. While incredibly rewarding, caring for a child with special needs can be a stressful, emotional, and mentally draining experience. If you’re feeling burnt out, you’re not alone. Many parents of special needs children experience a sense of exhaustion that cannot be relieved through rest […]

Magnesium for Kids with Special Needs

If your child with special needs has struggled to get a good night’s rest, you may want to consider adding magnesium into their diet. I am not one to tell parents that they need a 1,000 different things to get their child sleeping. But, magnesium has consistently helped address hyperactivity, anxiousness, and agitation going into […]

Sleep After the Holidays

Every year, this meme comes up on my newsfeed or IG stories at least once: After days of parties, presents, and treats I think everyone is feeling a bit of that Christmas “hangover”. It’s good for us to have a step back from our usual routine and do something a little different, see people we […]

ABA Therapy and Sleep

For any child with special needs, getting the treatments needed for development and health is crucial.  In order for them to have the best opportunities to thrive, parents like you are determined to get their child the services that they so desperately need. One common therapy many kids with autism receive is ABA, or Applied […]

3 Unexpected Factors to Help Your Disabled Child Succeed

This blog was written by Caitlin Turner of Disabled and Successful. You want your child to live a great life. You want them to have the things all kids are supposed to grow up and have. You want them to be healthy, build meaningful friendships, develop a sense of independence and purpose, and mostly you […]

Sleep and Auditory Sensitivity for Kids with Special Needs

For many children with special needs, being sensitive to sounds can be a problem when trying to sleep well. But, what does auditory sensitivity look like? Here are some common signs: If your child has any of the above issues (or most these issues), it’s no surprise that sleep is difficult! Your child’s brain is […]

Keeping Chill: A Guide for Special Needs Parents

Well, the last few months have been a great exercise in keeping patient, hasn’t it? With all the uncertainty around school, work, therapy, etc. it’s been a test for even the most even-keeled parents. Add to that being cooped up with the kids…for months. Here’s your glass of wine, dear. You’re welcome. Now that we’ve […]

Keeping Your Family Healthy During Coronavirus

Making sure that your family stays healthy during this time is really important! The good news is that you can use this information to help your family now, and for any major illnesses down the line. Here are my top recommendations to help combat illness and boost your child’s immunity!No surprises here — make sure […]