The Best Time to Sleep Train Your Child with Special Needs

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As you very well know, life can throw a lot of curve balls. When you have kids, it’s an endless ebb and flow of school, therapy sessions, camps, classes, extra curricular activities, and more!

And, sometimes life throws a global pandemic in the mix which throws everyone into a loop. Thanks, life.

I think there are many parents like you out there that inherently know that their child’s current sleep issues cannot simply be masked anymore. Or, your ability to just get by with poor sleep is going to reach its limit, if it hasn’t already. That’s it, something’s got to be done about it!


“(Insert any slightly busy holiday) is coming up in a couple weeks.”


“School’s going to be letting out in 6 weeks. Maybe it’s better to wait for everyone to be home.”


“We’re planning to take a trip in a couple of months. Let’s wait until we’re back.”

Often, the parents I speak to who wait to start…just don’t make changes. When you’re not sure what the outcome is really going to be like, fear takes over. You’re experiencing paralysis by analysis. Fear can really get the best of us, and stops us from taking action. As a sleep consultant, I legitimately worry about these families and how they’re going to get by! I’ve heard some pretty heart wrenching sleep stories and want these parents to get the help they need!

But right now, I bet you’re asking yourself:

“How am I going to get my kid sleeping on their own? They’ll scream the house down!”

“Leave my child in their room alone? They’re going to bolt and get into things they shouldn’t!”

“Will my child cry if I try to change their sleep? How long is the crying going to be for? I’m not sure I can handle that!”

“Is this even going to work if we’re leaving for a few days at the end of the month? What if we just go backwards?”

But, the truth is — you’re never going to know what’s in store!

That’s the beauty of the sleep training process. Every child is different, and ultimately taking the leap of faith is a little scary! But, when you’ve reached your breaking point with a problem, the question you have to ask yourself is: “Would I rather be afraid of what’s to come, or completely at my wit’s end about my kid not sleeping night after night?”

And, the fact that those answers are just around the corner and that your child can actually start sleeping well…right now…what’s better than that?

Let me tell you my own personal experience. Recently, I joined a business building intensive. I’ve been wavering about taking this course for over 2 years! 2 years, people. My fears: the cost of the training, and if it would all be worth the investment.

In the last two years, instead of letting go of my fears, I’ve allowed myself to get overwhelmed by, and I’ve beaten myself up over how I run my business. This January, I reached my breaking point. I was at my lowest, and decided finally — enough is enough.

The result? I’ve gotten more guidance and clarity about my business than I’ve had…maybe ever?! I finally have a plan — something I’ve needed for two years.

Every day I ask myself, “What the hell was I waiting for?”

Please, don’t let this be you.

Now, every once in a while I will have families get back in touch with me. 3 months, 6 months, 2 years later, ready to finally fix their child’s sleep issues. And, the first thing most parents say at the end of our time together:

What was I even waiting for?”

So, the answer — there’s never a perfect time to sleep train, but when is there a perfect time for anything?

The best time to do it is when you’re frustrated, and feeling that little inkling of “I think I need some help to figure this problem out.”

Don’t be like me. Don’t wait until you’ve reached rock bottom. No one likes to be at that point, so why get there in the first place? As a special needs parent, the last thing you need to be carrying around is the stress you put on yourself. Let me be there to help you alleviate it a bit.

Ready to get your child with special needs sleeping great? Melissa Doman and her team have helped dozens of special needs families get their sleep back! Contact us to learn more, or schedule your first call!