Keeping Your Family Healthy During Coronavirus

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Making sure that your family stays healthy during this time is really important! The good news is that you can use this information to help your family now, and for any major illnesses down the line. Here are my top recommendations to help combat illness and boost your child’s immunity!No surprises here — make sure to get the hours of sleep you need!

No surprises here — make sure you’re getting the rest you need!

Sleep helps to boost immunity, and gives your body the chance to fight off incoming infections. Make sure that your child with special needs is getting the required amount of hours. For kids under 8 years old, up to 12 hours in a 24 hour cycle is what they need! If your child is over 8 years old, try and shoot for ~10 hours a night. For adults, at least 7 hours a night!

Get outside and moving!

Now, I’m not saying that right now you should be going to big crowded areas. But, you can go outside! Making sure that you and your family are getting out each day for a walk is going to help fight off infection, keep the lungs clear, and it will help you sleep at night. Simply going out for a walk each day will be enough for you, your child, and your family.

Eat well, but eat healthy!

What we put into our bodies is crucial when it comes to staying healthy. It is so, so easy for us to snack more and go for the “sometimes” foods…more often. When you are able to get to the grocery store, make sure to stock your cart with vegetables, fruits, whole grains, and good quality protein. Eating too much sugar, dairy, gluten, etc. weakens the immune system and doesn’t give it the fuel it needs to function properly. Our body doesn’t have the reserves it needs to fight off bad bacteria.

So, in addition to avoiding these foods, try and incorporate foods that are high in nutrients. This is a great place to start! With further restrictions, you may not always be able to find what you need, but do your best!

Supplement when needed, properly!

Immune systems will work like a well oiled machine when it has the nutrients that it needs. Make sure that you and your family are getting plenty of the following:

Vitamin C: helps to protect immune cells and lets them do all the things they need to when fighting off infection.

Zinc: helps to grow immunity cells, antibodies, and protect immune cells.

Probiotics: helps prevent bad bacteria from growing in the gut.

Grapefruit seed extract: boosts the production of immune cells, and works as a great antimicrobial.

Magnesium: does help to boost immune response to fight off infection, and just keeps you feeling a little more chill (and don’t we need that now?)

Stay positive…really!

Can we just say that there’s something about staying positive and in the right mindset? It’s so easy when we can’t go outside to get too relaxed, or get wrapped up in what is being shown on the TV. But, stay “mission focused” – meaning, make sure that you have something to work towards that day.

Be asking yourself: What is something that I am grateful for? Who can I help today? Who needs a quick check in? What can I do for myself?

Staying in a place of gratitude, and being able to help others gives great returns. Even when you’re stuck inside and it’s raining, keep reminding yourself of the things that are going great, no matter how small they are!

And remember, this WILL pass!

Life will get back to normal.

And, you’ll come out of it knowing that you are strong, your family is strong, and you can conquer anything that comes in your way.

To end things off, I’d like to leave to with this quote:

“Not everything happens for the best, but you can always make the best of whatever happens.” – Jim Afremow