Keeping Chill: A Guide for Special Needs Parents

Well, the last few months have been a great exercise in keeping patient, hasn’t it? With all the uncertainty around school, work, therapy, etc. it’s been a test for even the most even-keeled parents. Add to that being cooped up with the kids…for months. Here’s your glass of wine, dear. You’re welcome. Now that we’ve […]

Facing the Challenges of Being a Single Dad

This week’s blog post comes from Daniel at  Daniel is a single father and has created to give resources, experience, tips and more for single dads and parents.  Please be sure to check out his site!  When you think of a single parent, you typically think of a young single woman working two […]

5 Tips to Improving Your Child’s Behavior

To be successful in teaching toddlers and kids how to sleep properly, it is important to create boundaries and reward good behavior when it comes to sleep.  As kids get older, they become experts in making deals and toeing the line.  It’s parents’ job to make sure that they are consistent with their expectations and […]

How much sleep do new parents lose?

An article this month in The London Economic reveals that new parents lose the equivalent of up to three months of sleep during the first year of their baby’s life (about 2 hours nightly, on average). The surprising results of the study showed that oftentimes, dads are losing just as much sleep, if not more than […]

Questions You Have About Your Child’s Sleep…But Are Afraid to Ask

Having worked with parents over the last ten years, I have gotten a lot of great questions about childhood development, health, and of course sleep.  However, you can’t help but feel that sometimes parents hold back and aren’t willing to ask certain questions.  They may fear judgement, or the answer itself! Here are the three […]