Keeping Your Family Healthy During Coronavirus

Making sure that your family stays healthy during this time is really important! The good news is that you can use this information to help your family now, and for any major illnesses down the line. Here are my top recommendations to help combat illness and boost your child’s immunity!No surprises here — make sure […]

Travel and Your Child with Special Needs – Keeping to the Sleep Routine

5 Tips on Maintaining Healthy Sleep Habits When Traveling When planning a family trip, consider how your travel plans are going to affect your child’s sleep routine. You’ll have a more enjoyable vacation if you organize your trip in a way that allows for as little disruption as possible to your child’s sleep schedule. For […]

8 Foods that can Help Your Child (and you) Sleep Better

The foods we eat can impact our energy levels, health, and the quality of our sleep, too.  If your child with special needs has difficulty sleeping at night, add some of these foods: Almonds: This healthy nut is a great source of magnesium, a nutrient that is important for good quality sleep. Lettuce: This healthy, […]