Does Autism Cause Sleep Problems?

6 Tips for Using a Sleep Training Clock

The sleep training clock is a tool that my team uses often when sleep training kids with special needs. When used correctly, a sleep training clock can be a very effective way to combat early mornings, and teach your child when it’s okay to start the day.  However, before you rush out and buy a […]

Sleep Train or Potty Train?

When speaking to special needs families, this question of what to start with comes up a lot. “We’ve just gotten a potty training plan from our BCBA.” “We’re set to toilet train in a couple weeks. Should we wait to start a plan?” It is important to give your child to opportunity for independence with […]

The Best Time to Sleep Train Your Child with Special Needs

As you very well know, life can throw a lot of curve balls. When you have kids, it’s an endless ebb and flow of school, therapy sessions, camps, classes, extra curricular activities, and more! And, sometimes life throws a global pandemic in the mix which throws everyone into a loop. Thanks, life. I think there […]

Visuals for Sleep Training

When teaching families of kids with special needs, the number one question that comes up is this: “Will my child understand what we’re trying to do?” The answer: you bet. But, you have to make it abundantly clear what is going on. In all of my programs, I teach parents the importance of visuals. This […]

3 Things Sleep Training Doesn’t Do

When parents come home from the hospital with their new baby, all of the preparing they have done gets put in place immediately.  Without any practice runs.  And, no matter what parents have read or bought I think there’s an overwhelming feeling of “I have no idea what I’m doing!”  Now, you have to keep […]

Unlock Your Health Interview with Dr. Murthy

      blog RSS To listen to the full interview, please visit: A couple of months ago, I was introduced to Dr. Vijay Murthy.  Currently located in England, Dr. Murthy is an aryuvedic doctor and trained in naturopathy, helping his patients get on a pathway to total wellness through holistic means.  I have had […]

How much sleep do new parents lose?

An article this month in The London Economic reveals that new parents lose the equivalent of up to three months of sleep during the first year of their baby’s life (about 2 hours nightly, on average). The surprising results of the study showed that oftentimes, dads are losing just as much sleep, if not more than […]

The Melatonin Mess

For overtired parents who are struggling to get their child with special needs to sleep better through the night, the idea of a pill or supplement to quickly fix the problem can sound pretty tempting. The truth is?  Long term, it does not solve poor sleep once and for all. Melatonin is a hormone that […]

Why You Need Consistency

Changing anyone’s habits can be a difficult thing.  Studies show that for adults, it can take up to 66 days to form a new, consistent habit. I am of the belief that the younger you are, the more easily you can adapt to something new.  I see this all the time with sleep training — […]